Kelapa Nusantara Sakti

About Us

our company stands in the environment of coconut farmers. and we founded this company to expand and supply our products to all companies that need products from our company. our company is
engaged in processed coconut such as cocofiber, cocopeat, and handicrafts from coco fiber. Our company is located in
Kebumen Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

Our Vission & Mission


Become the best distribution company and have credibility. With a very wide network and satisfying service.

Product Specifications

Producing quality products by maximizing added value through best industry practices and superior operations. and we only provide products with very good specifications.

Best Service

We only provide excellent products and specifications To provide customers with the best service, excellent quality and the most advanced products, and we aim to
expand globally through forming strategic alliances with world-class trade in the field of processed coconut To jointly improve our national economy with overseas global business network. Maintaining the highest ethical standards that deliver exceptional value to our customers, employees, community, business partners and shareholders.

Featured Product

Coconut Fiber Craft

Indonesia is a country with a creative society. So we create various crafts from coconut fibers, supported by the many
available resources. There are three types of handicrafts available, namely doormats, plant pots & ropes. All of them are made with the best of them.


Cocofiber or coco fiber is a product derived from processed coir or coconut fiber waste. This product is widely used as a planting medium, raw material for car seats, airplane seats, pillow stuffing, livestock bedding, pot crafts, brooms, doormats, and so on.


Cocopeat is a planting medium that has a fairly high water absorption capacity and can store more water than is stored in the soil.

Coco Bristle

Coco bristle is coconut fiber that has been separated from the fiber. The shape is long, finer than fiber in general, and strong.

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